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Flip chip bonding


• High-speed bonding through parallel processing enabled by a dual flip head and an 8-component synchronized bonding process
• Outstanding positioning accuracy with a high-rigidity frame and control algorithms
• Bump recognition camera for high-performance positioning alignment
• Compact force control heads
• Compatibility with a wide range of flip-chip sizes from 2mm square to 30mm square
• Easy-to-configure Dipping station
• Applicable PCB: L260 × W200 - L50 × W50mm
• PBC Thickness: 0.2 - 3.0mm
• PBC Transport Direction: Left to right (Option: right to left)
• Bonding Capability: 13,000 UPH (under optimal conditions, includes processing time)
• Bonding Accuracy: ±5μm (3σ)
• Component Supply Configuration: 12 inch wafers
• Applicable Components: □2 to 30 mm